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2018 Volume 4 | Social Security


The recent Social Security Trustee’s 2018 report has created a political hornet’s nest with the Trump administration in the middle of it. The meat of this newly released report shows that Medicare will run out of money in 8 years, and Social Security will become insolvent in 16 years. “This report should eliminate any doubt […]


2018 Volume 3 | The End of Generic Drugs?


The End of Generic Drugs? The generic drug industry, which supplies most of the drugs prescribed in the United States, is in crisis due to plummeting prices. The drug giants are refusing to develop certain drugs because there is no profit in it. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, one of the largest manufacturers of generic drugs in […]


2018 Volume 2 | Can the Big Boys change Health Benefits?


On January 30, 2018, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase announced plans to develop a new approach to employee health care benefits. Their goal is to cut health care costs and improve services for employees and their families, which is a common goal for all of us. Specifically, this effort is focused on technological […]


2018 Volume 1 | Tax Bill Impact On Benefits


The primary goal of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is to lower the corporate tax rate and tax obligation for many Americans. There are several provisions that will have an impact on employer health and fringe benefits. Here is quick run-down:


2017 Volume 6 | Equifax and Your Taxes


Everyone knows I am not a certified public accountant, but my advice regarding the Equifax breach is to file your taxes early this year. The data breach at credit bureau Equifax that may have affected 143 million U.S. adults could have lasting effects, including at tax time. Many experts say that if hackers gained access […]


2017 Volume 5 | Did You Know?


Consider your HSA beneficiaries carefully. Many employers have added Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to their employer sponsored health plan offering. Most everyone knows an individual can use these dollars later to pay for medical expenses tax-free or take it out after age 65 for any reason with tax consequences. To keep the tax savings going […]


2017 Volume 4 | Hey Washington, It’s The Money!


Before the ACA was implemented, the same challenges that we faced in 2011 still exist today. Any successful Health Care Reform must positively affect these same problems: (1) cost growth, (2) concerns over quality, (3) the value of care, and (4) the continued struggle of underpayment of government programs. Fortunately, we are seeing employers striking […]


2017 Volume 3 | Obamacare


As Republicans prepare to repeal and replace Obamacare, several major health insurers have scaled back their involvement on the Exchanges. Things are so bad, that rather than raising rates insurers are just dropping out. Humana is withdrawing from Obamacare’s individual market entirely. Aetna has left Virginia and Iowa, experiencing large pullouts. Here is what three […]


2017 Volume 2 | How You Can Help


We all want the cost of health care to be reduced today, and continue to into the future. We all know the Trump administration desires to do away with Obamacare, but what will it be replaced with? Two researchers have proposed a new way to design health insurance plans that could win bipartisan support and […]


2017 Volume 1 | Look Through the Fog


I, like many others, have speculated the future of the ACA. This communique will continue to report on what we see happening and what we think. Perhaps the most important aspect of ACA reform will be what happens to the individual marketplace. the ACA was designed to strike a delicate balance between requiring coverage to […]


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