What We Do

We believe in honesty. We are very frank in our discussions with clients. We keep an open mind to suggestions and hope they do the same.

We take the responsibility for generating action-producing ideas. But, we invite our clients to get involved in the creation process too. After all, we are interested in results not in taking credit.

Our Plan

We are pioneers in the areas of self-insurance, full insured premium arbitrage, and finding third-party dollars to affect current costs and reduce future risk.

Case Study Private Sector Employers

Benefits Consolidation of Fragmented Plans


  • Nationwide Manufacturer with approximately 150 employees in 8 states


  • Need to consolidate multiple plans
  • Called for establishment of a benefits strategy
  • Renewal represented a 45% premium increase


  • Elements modified included plan design, vendors, subsidy levels, and financial design
  • Addition of Prometheus Study Grants through a local hospital system
  • Harvest claim data to identify “at-risk” individuals eligible for third-party grant dollars
  • Administration outsourced to an HRIS platform
  • As a result, the client realized a $450,000 cost reduction in year one, another $150,000 in year two, and over $100,000 in year three

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