What We Do

Public sector employers typically offer rich health benefits and are being penalized for the sins of other employers that offer sparse health benefits.

We create a blue print for seizing back these penalty funds by locking arms with other employers who have equally rich benefit programs while brokering private discount treaties with local, most frequently utilized medical providers.

Our Plan

Create a pre-emptive “local employer/hospital partnership” that aligns interests for both by pooling analytics and jointly producing research that brings consumerism and stability.

Case Study Public Sector Employers

Benefits Premium Arbitrage


  • Public Sector employer with approximately 400 employees


  • Desires to maintain participation in a fully insured finance model
  • Desires to uncover paid claims information to determine carrier profitability, pricing, and discounts
  • Desires to implement a relationship with a local hospital system
  • Align employee behavior to better fiscal and physical health
  • Keep current plan in place yet lower costs in tight budgetary times


  • Current carrier was replaced saving employer 15% in premium with a two year rate guarantee
  • $83,000 in grant funds to employees for improved behavior
  • A secondary carrier was inserted on the front end (arbitrage) to reduce premiums by $350,000 with no increase in risk – additional dollars to the employer
  • Include a claim harvesting command and control data center
  • Direct contracting with a major local health care system for greater discounts and population management

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